No matter where in the country you live, we can guarantee that there is a farmer’s market within a half hour of you. It may only happen once a month, or only during a few months out of the year, but they are there – trust us. Our point is – you should be going. Not only are farmer’s markets a great place to find local produce and other items at a reasonable price, when you shop them, you are supporting local farmers and the greater picture of self-sustainability.


From carrots and radishes to onions and romaine, and possibly even some baked goods or fresh meats, farmer’s markets are a treasure trove of good finds. I once found the most magical sourdough bread I’ve ever tasted, and though I’ve moved a thousand miles away since then, I still think about it! I think I should write to that vendor and ask for some of her starter… But I digress.

The variety of what is available to you locally will surely surprise you. The prices aren’t so bad either! Sure, a few items may cost you a pinch more than the grocery store, but it will be worth it in the long run – and most items, since they are direct from growers, will actually be less expensive than a grocery store! If you haven’t been frequenting your local markets already, we beg of you, Google the nearest markets and go to them – you won’t be disappointed.


Besides the amazing selection and great prices you’ll find, when you shop your local farmer’s markets, you are putting money directly into the pockets of the people who grow and harvest your food. If you’re a history buff at all, you’ll know that it was agriculture that changed our societies from roaming foragers and hunters into settled civilizations- farmers are the entire reason we can thrive as communities!

The time, effort, and knowledge that goes into that watermelon you’re enjoying deserves some praise, and why not show it by buying from growers directly to ensure our local farmers can continue to earn a living wage while nourishing their neighbors (ie. You!)?


If you are at all environmentally conscious, then you’ve likely already given thought to how the food on your table has made its way there. The timeline of processed foods from raw commodity to table is a long one, and every bit of that has an impact globally. From processing to packaging to shipping, those carrots you’re getting at the grocery store are anywhere from one to nine months post harvest! (Eeeewwwwww……..) So think about that – where has that carrot been for nine months? What resources have been consumed to keep it fresh enough to sell to you? All of those steps have huge impacts, and if we are to start toward a healthier planet, we must start with our food supply chain.

When you buy from a local farmers market, you are getting produce that is as fresh from harvest as it can be (likely less than a week old). You are cutting out the months’-long storage and long-haul shipping of your produce, not to mention cutting out the package waste. This is the heart and soul of the idea, “Think Globally, Act Locally.”

And the more often you patronize farmers markets, the more you are embracing an idea of sustainability – meaning that we find the balance between our needs and respecting our planet’s resources.

This is something we at Starchild Farms are on a mission to do, so we truly hope we see you at the markets soon! And be sure to mention this post for 10% off when you come to our booth ❤


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