Melody and Alik Starchild, Est. 2019

We’re the Starchilds, and we grow mushrooms.

We love what we do…

After moving from the Boston area to rural Connecticut in June of 2019, we found ourselves longing to create a life that focused on building a better world away from the rat race. Our corporate jobs paid the bills, but they didn’t feed our souls.

Deciding to finally create the life we wanted to live, we explored a number of ideas. A lot excited us, but nothing seemed to fit our main goal of playing on Team Whole, the idea that we and everyone and every living thing in this universe are all in this thing together, and that anything we do should be with that in mind. We decided to start there and create Team Whole LLC, thus reminding ourselves that whatever we chose to do, we were committed to that ideal.

When we heard about mushroom farming, we both sort of chuckled. There it was, staring us in the face. We suddenly saw the chance to fulfill our goals by dedicating ourselves to cultivating organic, delicious food for our world through sustainable practices. It just made sense, and Starchild Farms was born.

So now here we are! We look forward to learning more and more each day as we are on this journey… and we are grateful to be sharing this universe with you.

~ The Starchilds


We stand for a world where humans and planet Earth thrive harmoniously, where food options produced through sustainable cultivation processes are more culturally embraced, and where every single person on this planet has enough to eat every single day.


Our primary objective at Starchild Farms is to cultivate sustainable, organic food for our communities and to offer that food at a fair price to all. Our secondary (but is it really?) objective is to effect worldwide change by educating people about mushrooms as a delicious, healthy, and sustainable food source to hopefully alter our current accepted means of food production toward a more environmentally-minded world culture.


We are laid back… But we are also driven, determined, and committed. We don’t sweat the small stuff, but we acknowledge how the small stuff is sometimes big stuff (like tossing leftovers – it’s a small thing, but food waste is a big thing.) We do our best to stay in check, to always reflect on what it is we are doing in this world, and to not let the world weigh us down. We love to sing! (Not very well, but we put on our tunes and dance around fairly often throughout the day.) And we love to learn. We lean on each other to always be pushing ourselves forward toward accomplishing our small part in creating a world we wish to see.


We promise to live into our Vision and walk-the-walk of our Mission. As our business grows, we are committed to continually evolving even further. This means embracing alternative energy such as solar, wind, or geothermal to ensure our farm is self-sustaining; participating in local community events surrounding environmental causes or food-scarcity problem-solving conversations; and donating 10% of our revenue (not profits, but our total sales for the year) to organizations such as the NRDC, ACLU, and Meals on Wheels.