The world is a crazy place… We could have a list of a thousand things happening right now that would lend to this statement, and that wouldn’t exhaust all the examples. But… The world is also a beautiful and wonderous place… and that list greatly outshines the former. The reason we decided to grow mushrooms is a faceted one, but ultimately, it’s because we know that sustainable cultivation of food is something that will whittle away at the list of things that makes this world less than what it can be.


Mushrooms are one of the most sustainable foods a farmer can cultivate. Not only are they grown utilizing the waste products of other industries, the amount of food that can come from such a small area vastly outweighs that of other forms of food. A modest mushrooms farm on one square acre of land can produce more than a million pounds of mushrooms in a year! But what is a million pounds of food if it isn’t as nutritionally filling as other kinds of food…..

That’s just the thing! Many culinary mushrooms have significant nutritional content, including proteins, without being overly calorie dense. This is amazing because much of the processed foods our communities regularly eat are filled with empty calories (calories without nutrition.)

We know that committing ourselves to the ideal that fungi are the future of food, we are participating in a greater culture of sustainability, and that makes us smile every singe day…


We believe that we (as a humanity) can achieve a symbiosis with our planet, where humans have all that they need or want and don’t destroy the planet in the process. We know that the earth is full of abundance, and that if we could shift the global mindset from “us vs. them” to “us and us”, that we can find the ways to ensure everyone has enough food at the end of the day, among other human rights.

We know that it’s a long road ahead… But we see the evidence every day that we are not alone in this dream. We look forward to being a part of that bigger picture as we move forward.

~ The Starchilds

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