We can’t overstate how excited we are for all the amazing things happening here at Starchild Farms! We’ve got new equipment arriving, we’re expanding our inventory to include ever-so-delicious varieties of fungi, our first flush is underway, and we should be hitting the local Farmer’s Markets so, so soon!


It’s been a flurry of activity here at the Starchild homestead. Once we decided to invest in creating a business model that provides delicious, organic food to our communities and lives and breathes sustainability with an overall culture of “Team Whole”, we hit the ground running.

We grow our mushrooms indoors, because that ensures our produce can be free of pests (which means free of pesticides), and because that means we can provide food to our community year round – not just for a few months of the optimal outdoor growing season.

We’ve built out a new lab – that way each fungi is guaranteed to be contaminant free. We built a closed-circuit growing room. And we have expanded our substrate sterilization station to make sure we have plenty of the necessary elements to keep a steady harvest coming to the community. All of this has been done with sustainability in mind, and while it does use some electricity and water resources to operate, this impact is a fraction-of-a-fraction of that of other food production operations.

And to make sure we are doing everything we can to live our company culture, we will soon explore alternative energy sources for our farm like solar, wind, and geothermal. In the meantime, we donate to organizations like the NRDC to help the cause along!


We started with a staple of kitchens everywhere – Pearl Oysters. These beauties are flippin’ delicious! We soon added other varieties such as Pink, Blue, and Golden Oysters to our supply, and most recently, we have started to cultivate Lion’s Mane! These are especially delightful, as they would fool you into thinking you’re eating crab or lobster meat with each bite…. yes, please!

This is all so exciting, because we don’t plan on stopping here – we are committed to this cause (that fungi is an amazing and sustainable food source), and therefore intend to keep the ball rolling! As our business grows, we look forward to cultivating even more varieties. But! All in due time, right? We’re just thrilled to be on the journey and to see where it leads.


It’s been hectic, to say the least, to be launching a new business with the holidays underway – but this is the biggest gift we could think of to share with the world! We know – that sounds a bit narcissistic, doesn’t it… but really – think about it. If we had just donated the money we’ve invested in this – that would be it – and that would be the limit of what we could do for our communities. But instead, we’ve decided to create something that can give and give and give over and over again… We thought that in the long run, this represented what we wanted to accomplish in the world.

And with that! Our first large flush is underway, and we should have market-ready food within about 4 weeks! We are honored to already have chefs and neighbors reaching out to be the first in line – it truly means the world to us… We want to thank those of you who have encouraged us and supported our vision along the way. We can’t wait to share our bountiful harvest with all of you.


While we are absolutely stoked to be supplying our locally owned restaurants, we are equally elated to be offering our fungi directly to the communities surrounding us at many of the local Farmer’s Markets. We are blessed to live in an area that truly supports local farmers, and so the markets are plentiful – even during the winter months!

Stay up to date on when and where to find us by checking here on our website or by following our Facebook page!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. Despite everything that has been happening in 2020, this holiday season feels warmer and more cheerful than we could have imagined. Wishing you and yours the best for this year’s end, and sending you love and hopes for an amazing new year.

~ The Starchilds

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